I have decided I am going to make ONE SMALL change in my weight loss regiment (right now? it consists of only drinking ONE bottle of wine on the weekend) to start getting back on track. 5 servings of fruits and veggies EVERY DAY. Which is … a lot. But it’s not that much! Only 2.5 cups! Easy! Except we’re getting to the time of year where my preferred fruits (grapes, berries, peaches (OH ILU PEACHES), cherries) are going out of season and either unavailable at the grocery store or redonkulously expense (and not that tasty). So I am going to have to challenge myself to get in all the servings I need, which will involve canned fruits (light!), possibly frozen fruit, and citrus. Now, I love oranges. They are delicious. They are a pain in the ass to eat, and I am inherently lazy (which also explains why I don’t cook much), so I usually go for fruit with easier access. No more! I am just going to have to suck it up. The nice thing about these fruits/veggies is that my belly won’t have a whole lot of room for other foods.

I am also focusing on drinking enough water every day. I know I haven’t been and it is no bueno.

Hopefully, once this semester is over (I HAVE to have everything in by tomorrow), I can start exercising again regularly. That’ll be good.