I just failed my first graduate class. And, once again, it’s my OWN DAMN FAULT. I had SO MUCH time to get caught back up, but I was lazy (and tired and stressed and and and), and now. FAIL.

My program requires a 3.0 GPA to stay in, so I’m not sure what’s going to happen now. I guess I’ll get an email about it in the next week or two. …I just checked the policies page online. Probation here I come! I guess this will be the incentive I need to DO BETTER, and I have 9 credits (3 classes) to do it.

Thankfully, my second class (the required course!) still has drop boxes open, so I’ll get the two assignments in that I need tomorrow. Have to. I am NOT taking this class again. I am NOT doing that.

The shitty/embarrassing part about this is that I’m signed up for a class next semester with the teacher whose class I just failed. I’ll just have to be really awesome to prove to her that I can be.

The funny thing is that I actually learned a lot in this class.