I am going to start composting. It’s going to cut down on some of the waste I produce, not to mention the stuff I can collect at work: coffee and filters and redonkulous amounts of paper waste. Plus, it gives me something to do with all the dead leaves on my patio besides bagging them up for the trash.

I am REALLY excited about this. I can pretty much put anything in my compost pile and make the very best … dirt? mulch? fertilizer? something! for my garden! My future garden!

I’ve kind of always wanted to garden, especially in the past couple of years, but I’ve never had the room or time or energy or motivation, so it kind of always just fell by the wayside. But now! I have dirt! Good dirt! And earthworms! And a pre-exisiting rosebush! And possibly ivy! And Sookie my succulent! (Say it like Vampire Bill: Suh-kay (that show is like 50% more awesome if you dub everything Vampire Bill says into Foghorn Leghorn voice. Just try it.))

I went to Lowe’s tonight and picked up some supplies: a trash can for my compost pile, pruning shears, gardening gloves, a little shovel, a watering can and several plants, including Camilla the camellia bush and Butch the blackberry bush. I’m hoping to get the bottom part of the garbage can cut off or a hole put in it or something, so my compost pile can commune with nature, tomorrow, and I’m gonna get to planting on Saturday! Also, I would like to plant some birds of paradise, but I’m not sure how they’ll do here or even how to take care of them. I’ll have to do some reading about that.