My mom asked me tonight if I’ve been going to the gym. When I admitted that I haven’t, she said “Well, isn’t that part of you being more awesome this year?” Yes, yes it is. So I went for a run on the treadmill tonight. Out of twenty minutes on the treadmill, I actually ran about 7, which isn’t bad considering how long it’s been since I’ve exercised at all. And you know what? It felt good. I had a really strong first interval and good music (I am LOVING Buckcherry’s “Carosel” and “Crazy Bitch”). I kind of hate my running shoes, but that’s an easy fix, really. I came back in and did some Candlelight Yoga. The breathing and stretching was nice and a good way to wind down after my workout, though I didn’t really like the lady.

Also, it helped me realize that what I really want is to find a decent yoga studio around here with classes that fit my schedule for about the same (or less!) than I’m paying at the gym right now. I felt so good when I was going to yoga classes regularly and running. I was in the best shape I’ve been in for a long time, and my body feels SOOO GOOD after a yoga class.

It might also be fun and worthwhile to see if there’s a capoeria group nearby. I was in the BEST shape I’ve ever been in when I did that twice a week.