In the past few years, I’ve grown increasingly comfortable not wearing any clothes around my home, which is a large part of why I was excited to move in by myself: NAKED ALL THE TIME (the other large reason for living alone? Not sharing a fridge). My favorite thing about the weekends, besides staying up late and sleeping in, is rolling out of bed and not putting clothes on until I’m ready to venture outside. Even when I had roommates, I regularly sat around in just my underwear or a pair of shorts if I was home alone. I’m fairly comfortable in my own skin and love not being confined or restricted by clothing, undergarments in particular. AND NOW I HAVE SCIENCE BACKING ME UP. SWEET.

Last night at the gym was Abs and Lower Body. The regular teacher was back, thank God. She is a HOOT. She’S in CRAAAAAZY shape; I’m pretty sure she wasn’t sweating or breathing hard by the end of class, and she was hopping around probably more than anyone else in there. And you know what? My legs are sore today! So are my abs! The class was a lot of hard work, but it was FUN, so I’m excited to try the Abs and Upper Body again with her as a teacher. I think I’ll hit those classes on Tuesday/Thursday, then run the rest of the week. And Yoga Monday after work, with this crazy little Hispanic lady who kind of looks like a bag lady but who knows her yoga.