I got my $100 rebate from my fancy phone! Whooo!! Though to be completely honest, I had kind of totally forgotten about it. I mean, EVENTUALLY, I would have wondered wtf had happened to it, but right now? Not so much. Let’s do some frivolous shopping this weekend! Let’s spend most of it on filing my damn taxes! Though, to be fair, I’m getting a PRETTY SWEET refund this year, so it could be worse.

I am SO STOKED about my tax refund. In … 3, maybe 4 weeks, I’ll have gotten rid of some debt that I had expected to hang over my head for another YEAR. THIS IS HOW I KNOW GOD LOVES ME. I’m … overwhelmed. I have been SO BLESSED this year, and I am SO GRATEFUL. I mean, once this debt is gone, the rest of my debt, including my undergrad school loans is going to FLY AWAY. It’ll go so fast, I’m SO EXCITED.

As a yay me! present I’m going to buy myself Specials (with the leftovers on the Verizon rebate) and some music I’ve been lusting after (Lost Immigrants, Hope for Haiti Now), which I was totally going to do anyways. Maybe I’ll even go crazy and get Extras too! Or … maybe Peeps. DILEMMA.