Last year for one of my classes, I was supposed to read Everything is Miscellaneous. I only read about half of it, but WHAT A HALF. David Weinberger talks about creating a sort of controlled chaos with digital content which makes searching for things easier, such as using LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of tags to describe a photo or a blog post or the like. His reasoning is that if you tag something with every possible thing you could use to describe it, then it exists in more places and could be easier to locate if you only remember that it was yellow or about a ball or whatever. And I DRANK HIS KOOL-AID. I DRANK IT RIGHT UP. I think he makes a lot of sense, and he COMPLETELY converted me to tags, where before I wasn’t terribly interested in using them ever. Which is why I always have multiple tags on blog and flickr posts and why I have 117 shelves in Goodreads.

Last night, as I was watching one of my class lectures (whoo! look at me go!), the instructor mentioned sorting email and different tools and ways to do that. And now, I am OBSESSIVELY SORTING MY EMAIL. My work email is kind of a catch all. I don’t EVER delete anything, but I don’t really sort much so EVERYTHING is hard to find. But today starts a new regime! Everything’s going into a folder! It’s like a compulsion now, I can’t help myself!

It kind of is weird to me how into SORTING AND TAGGING I get, especially considering I’m not terribly organized at home or even with school stuff, but then I remember that I have that Thing about patterns. That Thing where I REALLY like patterns and kind of compulsively arrange things into patterns without even realizing it. I’m making a shawl right now in which I am supposed to place beads randomly throughout, and LET ME TELL YOU, the only reason why I’m not mathematically figuring out where to place each bead so it’s even everywhere is because I’m lazy. I’m eyeballing the even bead placement instead.

So I’ve been very impressed with my performance so far in school this semester. I’m not even close to perfect, but I have gotten assignments turned in on time, and I’m making an effort to watch the lectures and check my email regularly. It’s a very refreshing change from previous semesters when I pretty much didn’t do any work until the last two weeks of class. And while watching the class lectures aren’t the highlight of my day, it is nice to be able to watch them at my leisure at home on my couch while I’m eating dinner or in my bed before I go to sleep. I love that don’t have to put clothes on if I don’t want to! That is the problem with traditional classes; GOING to them, putting clothes on, it’s all so much effort. But I think the best thing is that I don’t have to stretch my short attention span. If I get bored or my mind starts to wander, I can pause the lecture, go putter around somewhere else for awhile and then come back to it and not miss anything. It’s AWESOME.