I have two posts in the pipeline, and all I really need to do is sit down and type them up, but I had an annoying drive home and just wanted to post a couple of quick things.

First, and probably one of the most important things I could ever write about and something I need to remember when silly little things make me want to tear my hair out: I went to church this Sunday, and as annoying as public transportation is, driving is SO MUCH WORSE. So I did homework on my way to and from church, and I was like 20 minutes late due to missing a bus in SF. But within probably 5 minutes of my arrival, the pastor looked in my direction and said “I’ve got a Word.” And he walked a little bit closer to where I was sitting, and he looked DIRECTLY AT ME (aahhh too much attention at church!) and said “GOOD. Good. Something good is coming. It’ll be in the next 13 days, so when it comes you’ll know to give God the glory. Something good.” And you know, it could just be my trip home next weekend, seeing my friends, my not-blood-family. Or my trip home could just be part of it because it falls right in the middle of those 13 days, but whatever is coming, I CAN’T WAIT.

I also CANNOT WAIT to be in Tucson this weekend. I can’t believe how quick it’s come up, that this little trip is ALREADY here, but I don’t think it could have come at a more perfect time; I miss my not-blood-family SO SO SO MUCH. This is the longest I’ve ever gone without seeing Pam, and it is SO HARD. AND I have convinced Thomas and Pam to go roller skating with me Saturday night because…

I want to be a Roller Derby Girl. This is something I’ve kind of been interested in for awhile, but after watching Whip It and having Mariam bring up the idea this morning, I am going to DO IT. Hopefully, I can get a cheap pair of crappy skates for practicing around the neighborhood, and I’ll put on my Big Girl Panties and go to the skating rink near here by myself. The 20th, they have a scrimmage in Oakland, which I want to check out and maybe talk to a few skaters and kind of get a feel for it. I am TOTALLY stoked.