I hate how I can go months and months and months and MONTHS AND MONTHS without having sex and be fine with it. I mean, I miss sex, and I would LIKE to be having it, but I’m not like desperate for it, and I’m not thinking about it all the time. I mean, I AM thinking about it all the time, but not in an “I gotta have it” kind of way. BUT THEN, when I finally have sex again, I CANNOT. STOP. THINKING. ABOUT IT. ALL THE FUCKING TIME. ALL. THE. TIME. I’m thinking about when I’m going to have it again and how awesome it was the last time and how I want to have it again like RIGHT FUCKING NOW and how awesome it’s going to be when I have it again, which DEAR BABY JESUS, PLEASE BE SOON. LIKE NOW WOULD BE GREAT.

You know what would be super? Having sex.