The date this weekend went … quite well. He took me up Coit Tower, and I knew that the walk was going to be uphill and a little strenuous. I did not realize I was going to want to die halfway there. I also did not realize that I was going to COMPLETELY ruin the effort I had put into my hair because I was going to sweat so much. That part of the date was not so awesome. BUT THE SUN WAS OUT. AND IT WAS WARM. I totally wanted to just lay on the street sunning myself. Soaking it up.

Starting Point, originally uploaded by Being a Dilettante.

The view from the top of the tower was pretty amazing though. See that TINY little clock tower way over there in that picture? That’s about where we started walking. I kind of didn’t think we would ever make it.

We also went to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, which was cool, even though I TOTALLY do.not. get modern art about 99% of the time. I think my favorite piece, or at least the one I really connected to was Two Ways to Organize, which goes back to my nerdly love of tagging and Everything is Miscellaneous.

This was a good weekend, full of me getting out of the apartment and doing new things, which may (or NOT!) have included some things I’m not going to go into detail about here. Also, it’s nice to know that some things never change, like that “watching a movie” never results in watching a movie.