So I’m not really into memes, but I do like the idea of this one (even if the name doesn’t suit my fancy:

Get Your Freak on Friday: or Music I Am REALLY Digging Right Now

I found this through Industrious Me, and I always have a song or two that are chilling on my repeat, and I’ve decided this is the perfect opportunity to share these songs with you guys!

And because all meme’s have rules, this one’s are:
Get Your Freak On Friday is about music and what makes you tap your toes, bob your head, wiggle your fingers, cry like an infant, dance like an orangutan, or want to throw things. You list a song and what you do because of it.

Here’s how it works:
1. Paste the button into your post, linking back to Tristan. (No button for me! Picture robots dancing. Also, I don’t know Tristan either)
2. Write about aforementioned song. Any one you like.
3. Post the link to your post on Tristan’s post’s Mr. Linky.

Now, with that out of the way, my song for this week is Wanda Jackson’s “Funnel of Love”.

Guy Ritchie used this song near the end of RocknRolla, which I fucking love, and when I watched it the other night, the music grabbed me and wouldn’t let go. I’m pretty sure I dreamt about this song that night. I love the twang, I love her voice. It totally makes me wanna dance around (and I did a little while wandering in SF), and I have listened to it on single repeat all week.