I was a party Saturday night with a bunch of cool computer people. Unfortunately, that uncomfortable time at the beginning of every party led them all to shop talk. As I am most definitely NOT a computer person, I was completely out of the loop in a place where I knew all of two people, both of whom are ALSO computer people involved in computer talk. Everyone might as well have been speaking like freaking Russian or some shit. I don’t even know enough about whatever the hell they were talking about to ask questions. Awesome. Soooo….I’ll just stand here and look cute, then. Got it.

I HATE being that really awkward person no one knows who doesn’t bother to join in the conversations. That’s boring as fuck and SO not me. Also, I like being the center of attention, so being relegated to the sidelines irks. But because I’m awesome, I just work that much harder at (sometimes awkwardly) shoving myself into a conversation. It could have been worse, I suppose; a few people took pity on my awkwardness and changed the conversation.

Thank God once we all had a couple of drinks, the conversation turned to blow jobs and semen recipes, and I was able to properly exhibit just exactly how great I really am.

But I hereby swear by all the things I hold dear that never again will I engage in sorority talk around people who don’t know jack about it.

Also, WTF, my Meetup group just dumped me.

(This post brought to you by the word AWKWARD.)