Imma go ahead and do my Music I’m Really Digging Right Now post a bit early because I’m not sure when/if I’ll have time tomorrow. Yay traveling.

This week, my favorite song is I’ll Be Fine (boo no Youtube video) by the Travis Mitchell Band. It pretty much describes EXACTLY how I feel about my life right now. “I work 40 hours a week and oh, I hate it. When the weekend comes, I spend my money faster than I make it.” It’s kind of been keeping me going. “But I’ll be fine, I’ll be all right. Don’t need a million bucks when a six pack costs me five.”

I’ve also been digging on Have Love, Will Travel by the Sonics from RocknRolla. OH YEAH. This song has so much attitude and sex appeal.

“It Makes No Difference”. God, this song. I love it so much. I could listen to it for HOURS, and I do pretty regularly. When I discovered this song was on one of the SBux playlists, I played it as often as I could. It gets me through. I love that you can HEAR in the singer’s voice how much pain he’s in, how broken hearted he is. He’s in fucking anguish over this woman. It’s fucking fantastic. And the guitar and the sax and …. LOVE. Lots of love. It got me through my funk today, just throwing it on repeat and zoning out. I freaking love The Band, and I ADORE The Last Waltz. The album (soundtrack?) is amazing, even if I don’t care for the Bob Dylan bits. (Oh Dylan, musical genius, please stop singing).