I LOVE Break Up Music. I love songs about breaking up, about heart break, about getting over the ex, about pain and anguish, about being completely pissed off that you just got dumped, about gloating about how awesome you are and how much the ex sucks, and about the joy of getting over the ex & realizing how much better you are without him/her. LOVE THEM. I have a playlist of 45 songs of Great Break Up Music (with more that needs to be added), and I’ll regularly play it just because. During my downswing last Friday, that’s the playlist I turned to to bring me back up. A few of the songs are my go to when I have had a “relationship” fall apart, but I don’t think I’ve ever put on the playlist after a break up; I just listen to it because these songs are awesome. Is that weird? I think maybe because break ups bring out such strong emotions, Break Up Music is just BETTER than songs about other subjects.

“Things Have Changed” by Andy’s Automatics is a Break Up Song of the “I’m SO Much Better Off Without You” variety, which tends to be my favorite kind, though I am also quite partial to “Angry Girl Gonna Fuck Your Shit Up” (see: Miranda Lambert’s entire catalog). Andy is so restrained in his gloating, but it’s definitely a Fuck You to his ex. I LOVE IT.

(Brought to you in part by Tristan’s Get Your Freak On Friday)