In lieu of anything of substance to say, I bring you cool stuffs I have found on the internet:

From Sephora’s blog: How bad do I want cute Japanese makeup? SO BAD. One of everything, please!

You know what else I want? Some new stripper shoes. Some of these shoes are just WEIRD, but mostly? I LOVE THEM, OMG. And I do need a pair of shoes for the Wedding. *waggly eyebrows of suggestion* (via @fuggirls)

Describe your dream library and win stuff! Mine involves floor to ceiling shelves on every wall, except for the giant window, big comfy chairs, plenty of good lighting and coffee. And maybe yarn. Library/knitting room. (via @neilhimself)

Look! Carrie Ryan is giving away books! Whoo free stuff!

Bugs covered in water! (via @amandapalmer; ignore her kind of douchey quip about Lady Gaga)

This is mostly how I’m feeling about life right now: BLEH. Remember how I want more than waiting for this to pass? I’m there; waiting for it all to pass. I worry about failing out of school, except I’m not doing the work to make sure I don’t. I have dreams for my life that I want NOW but I spend so much time fucking around, I don’t know if they’ll happen THEN. I’m kind of just frustrated.

ETA: This is how I felt when my grandmother friended me on FB. (Love you, G’ma!!) (via cleolinda)