This week, I thought I was going to post about how much I love Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers, but something else inspired me. RCPM will come later; he’s got two shows in May I could conceivably attend, plus Circus Mexicus in June, so I’ll pretty much be babbling about him non stop around then.

This week’s Music that I am Really Digging is “Goodbye” by Drew Kennedy, the newest addition to my Break Up playlist. I LOVE his voice and how sad this song is (though in real life I would be PISSED if some guy just LEFT because it was “good for me” or some shit; my high school boyfriend tried this once, and I basically told him that he wasn’t allowed to break up with me. Actually, I think he was asking ME to break up with HIM, and I was all HELL NO, BIATCH).

I was looking for this song to download on Amazon the other day, but they don’t have it. I went to Twitter to bitch about this, and received the following:

@dk_music: dm me your email address–I’ll send you the mp3

WHUT. I may have a new favorite, y’all. Because that? Emailing me the mp3 for one of his songs? That is UTTERLY cool. I mean, okay, when he followed me on twitter, moments before that tweet, I had the thought like “Hey! I could ask him for the song!” But I never expected him to OFFER. I’m kind of completely blown away. And look, I know this is a little thing, like one song, who cares? But I think if he’s doing it for me, he’s doing it for other people. And you know, I’m gonna get my hands on more of his music, and I’m gonna call my momma today to take a weekend trip with me to Sedona to see him in July. So his little gesture served it’s purpose, I think.

Also! After surfing around his website a little (or really, just reading the content on the front page), I saw that his new live album Alone but Not Lonely is available for free download!!! FREE. FFFFF-RRRRR-EEEEEEEE. FREE. MUSIC. LEGALLY. AWESOME. AND! Since it’s FREE, there’s nothing stopping y’all from downloading and checking it out. Because it’s pretty great. There’s a lot of him talking about his songs and where they came from, and then the music is all really good and acoustic, which is nice. Also, FREE.

(This post brought to you by Tristan’s Get Your Freak on Friday)