I am a complete eye makeup WHORE. I LOVE IT. The feller I’m seeing commented that it must suck being a girl & having to do makeup, but the truth is I enjoy it. I have fun figuring out the colors I’m going to use and how I’m going to put them together, and I have so much makeup, I need to justify owning it. And I haven’t been wearing it as much as I used to (there’s just no point in getting dolled up for a bunch of married construction workers), so it makes those days when I do make the effort even more enjoyable.

Last week, the Sephora blog posted about the 80’s bold eye, which is a look I can get behind, because if there’s anything I love more than eye makeup, it’s bold colors, and especially bold colors in my eye makeup. Now, normally, I like fashioning my look with contrasting colors: gold & blue, green & purple, purple & teal, teal & brown/bronze, but tonight, I thought I’d try out the 80’s look with purples.

Eyes Closeup, originally uploaded by Being a Dilettante.

I know you can’t tell in the picture, but I used three different shades of purple on my eyes tonight (I guess that’s the point of blending, huh?). I used an old Lancome purple on my lids with the Victoria’s Secret Exclusive purple (it has more red in it than the Lancome) in my crease & the Victoria’s Secret Exclusive lavender as a highlighter. I LOOOOOVE the way it turned out, and I will definitely be trying it again (and again and again and AGAIN). I’m always happy to add a new skill to my repertoire; this will look great with greens, and I wanna see it with metallics.