I’ve been on an Amish Friendship Bread kick recently. That shit is BOMB, and super easy. Except requiring the use of a non metal bowl and mixer. Oh and trying to figure out not only who will look after my cats when I’m out of town, but who will look after my starter. Other than that it’s SUPER EASY!

I’ve reached the point where I’ve started experimenting. I baked two batches this weekend; one with chocolate pudding, which added a nice hint of chocolate flavor, and one with fresh raspberries in the mix (they were about to go bad SHHH), and YUM. I really liked the fruit in the bread AND the raspberries would have been great in the chocolate. This is going to be fun. I think I’ll throw white chocolate chips in the next batch, and I’ve heard of using lemon pudding with some lemon zest. OMNOMNOM

Unfortunately, my waist line CANNOT handle two loaves of bread every ten days; thank God I’ve got a yard full of construction workers on whom to experiment. Last week, I left some for them with a note that said “Eat me and return container to Amy”. I got a note back today that said “We eat you and we [love you] Amy. Make more please.” It’s good to know it’s being appreciated.

BTW, does anyone want some Friendship Bread starter? I have pretty much run out of real life friends here to give it away to, so now I’m looking at you guys!

On a different note, my bed making was found to be charming, which, in turn, charmed me.