I am SO THANKFUL for my job. I work for a great company, for an amazing Godly man who cares about the people who work for him, but I am not cut out to be in an office all day every day forever and ever amen. I can’t do it. I like being around people and moving around and having something different going on all the time. That’s why I did so well in all the service industry jobs I’ve had over the years. Also, there’s just no good gossip in this office! As annoying as it is having people all up my business all the time, it’s fun to hear everyone else’s drama! (Though I was informed today that one of our (cute!) guys may have a little crush on me, and when I pointed out that I don’t date guys I work with (it always ends in tears), I was told he could quit.)

At any rate, I KNOW I am not meant to be working in an office for the rest of my life. It’s not the Dream God put on my heart. Part of the Dream for my Life involves being in a library working with kids and teens. I am PASSIONATE about literacy and reading and getting good books into the hands of youth. Every time I walk into a library and see everything going on, I know THAT’S where I’m meant to be.

You know what’s going to get my out of this office and into my Dream? SCHOOL. You know what I hate MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD? EFFING SCHOOL.

I like learning stuff. I like (most) of what’s being taught, and I know it’s going to be useful in my future, but damned if I can’t get myself to do the dang homework! So now I’ve got a couple of weeks left in the semester and a bunch of stuff to catch up on. I’m gonna bust my butt and trust God that it’s not too late.