I have decided to actually get off my butt and start exercising again; my slacker days are done! Last night, it was running. I went about 3K in 30 minutes. SIGH. Do you remember when I used to run a 10 minute mile? I know, I have a hard time remembering it too. It was so effing long ago. But DAMN, I looked good then! Even better than I do now, if you can believe it. I’m not knocking how I did last night. The run felt great, but I’m looking forward to doing better. Because I don’t know what the difference is between a kilometer and a mile, but I do know that a kilometer is LESS. I want MORE. Just keep keepin’ on, I guess.

And it’s RAINING today; good thing I had already planned on working out with Jillian.

Yesterday was super productive for me: I exercised, ordered the last bit of makeup I’m going to buy for a (looooong) while, ordered my wedding shoes, registered my car, ordered contacts, vacuumed my entire apartment, did like FIVE loads of laundry (and put it all away!), and made dinner. You know what I didn’t do? Apply for summer financial aid (for the class that starts in two weeks, oops) or any homework. That’s on my schedule for tonight and tomorrow. I’m down to the wire and just gotta push through it. Send strength, y’all.