This week on Music I’m Really Digging: Brandon Rhyder’s “Rock Angel”. I listened to this song once Tuesday night, and thanks to a free Amazon download, I knew I’d be listening to it the rest of the week.

I really like Brandon Rhyder a lot. His voice is all sexy and deep and that TWANG. SWOON. Seriously, his voice turns me on as much as, if not more than, Kings of Leon (not that they are in any way similar except for the sexy voice factor). I think part of is also that hr always sounds SO IN LOVE with his woman. I have his Conviction album, and everything on it is great. He also sings another of my favorite songs: The Hard Way, which is a song based on Lonesome Dove. How cool is that? (I would LOVE it even if it weren’t based on awesome source material.)

I just wish he’d tour somewhere besides Texas. Or, more specifically, it’d be SUPER if he’d come to California.

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