(Some of these links might be old news; I’ve kind of been hoarding them.)

Cool octopus picture. I’ve really been digging on octopus iconography recently (I know a girl who has an AWESOME octopus tattoo, and I’m a little jealous), and Gail Carriger on twitter posts links to a bunch of octopus stuff.

O HAI THAR, Christina Hendricks. FRAWR. I may need to buy this issue of Esquire. She is so flipping sexy, and I really like her “Letter to Men”.

“I care about this Alot” tshirt. EFF YES. I want this Alot.

I love these cards.

Are you following Seasame Street on Twitter? It’s delightful.

Speaking of awesome puppets of my youth, look at these great Muppet cupcakes! OM NOM NOM. (Actually, that entire Tumblr is wonderful. It’s like porn for people with a sweet tooth.)

Some WTF Marvel Superhero stickers.

Don’t be That Guy. (Potential) Intern From Hell

Perhaps sometime I’ll find the time to make a real post. I’ve got stuff to say. It’s just…I’ve had more important things going on. Like napping. And snuggling. And waking my neighbors.

ETA: I KNEW I had another couple of links: Ironman 1 & 2 back to back! I’ve just about grown out of the midnight showings of movies, but I just MIGHT do this.

Jonah Hex poster! I am SO EXCITED about this movie; comic books and cowboys! Where is the bad? I’ll tell you. Megan Fox. SIGH. I would rather have ANY OTHER GIRL than her, even Kirsten Dunst (who annoys the snot out of me).