I’m having a totally TMI girly issue, which is causing some discomfort. My standard approach to these kinds of issues is to wait and hope that it just goes away on its own. But this DIDN’T go away. It STAYED and got WORSE. I know, right? Fuckin-a.

So I make a doctor’s appointment *grumblegrumbletakingtimeoutofmydayannoyeddamncopay* (except! Now, it’s feeling MUCH better! Maybe I can skip the doctor’s!) and let the feller know that my birth control may be compromised. And he’s like “Yeah, you need to get that shit taken care of because YOU COULD DIE”, which, okay fair enough, but I’m a big enough weenie that I don’t think I’d let the ouchies get THAT bad, “also, ask them about your lungs because you wheeze a lot when you sleep.” In my head, this sounds A LOT like my BFF being all “YOU’RE BREATHING TOO LOUD.” I’M SORRY, OKAY? THAT’S JUST HOW I BREATHE. (But aww, I <3 that he cares.)

SIGH. That's another example of me hoping that it would just get better on its own. I got a really bad cold in October, and I've pretty much been really congested ever since. I went to the doctor in December, but I may not have taken the antibiotics I was prescribed because I was hoping to get laid over Christmas break, which totally didn't happen, so I should have just taken the damn drugs. So now, I've learned to live with the wheezing and not really being able to breathe TOTALLY normally (albeit loudly), but people that I sleep with are like "WHAT THE HELL. WHY DO YOU SOUND LIKE A SCREECHING CAT WHEN YOU BREATHE?"

So. To the doctor I go. Hopefully, the lung thing ISN’T consumption. And is easily fixable. Because breathing normally? Would be awesome.