In June, I was supposed to head down to Rocky Point, Mexico for some relaxing on the beach and a Roger Clyne concert. Unfortunately, it seems that everyone else is bailing on that plan, and since I don’t think anyone will let me go to Mexico by myself, I think I’m going to hang out in Tucson instead. I mean, it’s practically the same thing! They’re both deserty. And hot. And I can stay someplace with a pool and relax in the sunshine without the ARGH! SAND! (and by “someplace” I do, of course, mean Pam and Keith’s house). Plus, I’ll be there with all my friends and since I won’t have an agenda and carefully planned out itinerary, I’ll get to go to all the places I always want to go but never have the time. Like the Meet Rack for God and cheap booze. And No Anchovies for beer and pizza. And Bianchi’s for yummy Italian food. And Eegee’s for delicious, icy heaven in my mouth. …I think I may have just found the reason why my weight loss efforts are for naught (actually, I already knew that; I fucking love food. Also, I’m kind of lazy).

Also, Memorial Day is coming up which is one of the seven holidays my company pays for, so I’ll actually get to have a holiday off! Unlike Martin Luther King Day or Cesar Chavez Day or President’s Day or Columbus Day. And I want to do something fun! I’m a little broke and the potential Tucson trip is soon after Memorial Day, so it’ll need to be something cheapish, but I would LOVE to take a little weekend trip somewhere close-ish and stay in a B&B and relax and WHATEVER I WANT. Realistically, I’d also be happy with lounging at home and finally, FINALLY watching Torchwood: Children of Earth, which has been sitting on my entertainment center for two months, but I haven’t had time to sit down and bust it out. (I’ve heard it’s totally gut-wrenching, so I wanna be able to watch it all in one sitting lest the anticiiiiiiiii-PATION kill me.) But there’s SO MUCH to do here, and the weather is FINALLY nice more often than it isn’t, so it feels like I SHOULD be out doing something awesome whenever I can, like a Napa wine tour! How awesome would that be?

(I totally have a more better post to be a posting, but that’ll take more time than I have at the mo’)