Remember this? I bought it. I LOVE it. It has fifty different eyeshadows in it, and DAMN. Do you know what I can do with FIFTY eyeshadows? A LOT. I can do A LOT. Unfortunately, I haven’t really had a chance to play with it as much as I would like (before, I like those ten extra minutes of sleep more than I like makeup), but the other night, I had the time and an excuse to get dolled up. It took me a couple minutes to decide where I wanted to go with my eyeshadow for the night because there are SO MANY OPTIONS. I’ll admit, I get a little overwhelmed thinking about all the looks I can create.

Reckless Kelly eyes, originally uploaded by Being a Dilettante.

Eventually, I settled on the Shopping in Milan colorway, starting out with R2 all over my lids, R1 in my crease and R3 as the highlighter, and let me tell you, pink isn’t usually my choice for eyeshadow, but I LOVE those pinks. Then I put L1 in the corners of my eye and swept a wide line by my upper lashes, and I used L5, which seems like such a random color with the pinks and purples, but it’s great for making a really nice contrast, to line my upper lid. On my lower lid, I lined it with one of the dark dark greens from another colorway, but I didn’t really like how it turned out, so I went back over the line with Urban Decay’s 24/7 liner in Graffiti (I think that’s the color I have; it could be Covet, I suppose). And memo to me: contacts OUT when doing makeup. I am sick of getting shit in my eyes which then fucks up my contacts for the rest of the night.

Reckless Kelly eyes, originally uploaded by Being a Dilettante.

Also, I have recently purchased Too Faced’s Mood Swing lip gloss in Berry Pink. At first I bought the Petal Pink, but that shit was PINK. Like 80’s pink. Like BAD ON MY FACE. The Berry Pink, however, is quite nice. I don’t know how well it corresponds to my “moods”, but I have definitely noticed it get darker as I wear it, also it kind of stains my lips so there’s still a tint to them even when the gloss has worn off or when I put a different gloss on over top (because at $18.50 a pop, you can bet I’m hoarding that shit like GOLD).

Anyways, Sephora rocks my fucking socks right off!

(Do I need to mention that I received no monies for good words? Because I totally didn’t.)