Roger Clyne is gonna be in SF tonight, and … I’m not totally stoked. I want to go because it’s an acoustic show with just him and his drummer, which will be REALLY cool, and I haven’t seen him since October and probably won’t have another chance to see him for probably another six months, since I’m not going to Circus Mexicus this year (SAD PANDA). I may have burnt myself out on RCPM. Or I’m kind of tired of having my weeks be so jammed packed with stuff going on that I’m barely ever at home or have time to just sit and relax. Also, I’m TIRED. I was up late every night this week, plus the weather’s looking shitty (AGAIN), and I don’t want to drive an hour into the city while it’s dark and raining.

I don’t really think I’m burnt out; “Beautiful Disaster” just came on and DAMN. I love him. I just wish I were more excited about this show; maybe I should just power through it and suffer through work tomorrow. I don’t even know what I WANT to do; it’s probably going to be 630 tonight before I REALLY decide.

Also, I just discovered this FREE download of seven fan picked favorite RCPM songs, and while all seven of the songs may not be MY favorites, though most of them are, they’re great songs for getting an idea of who this band is. Also, FREE, so if you hate it, you’re not out anything. Maybe I need to listen to my RCPM music to get in the mood.