I first discovered the Refreshments and Roger Clyne when I was cocktail waitress, and we had Fizzy Fuzzy Big and Buzzy on the jukebox. It was one of the few albums that didn’t annoy the crap out of one of our cranky (but hilarious) regulars, so I started picking random songs to play off it when I’d make my song selections. Somewhere along the way “Don’t Wanna Know” became my favorite pick.

One day it was playing, and my manager made the comment that he didn’t fully understand the song until he was 25, and it was another couple of years before I knew what he meant. I’ve gone through periods of really identifying with this song and periods of complete satisfaction with where my life was headed, and right now? I could listen to this song all day and know that it’s talking about me.

I wonder where I’ll be in a year
Probably be sittin right here
But if you know the answer
Don’t tell me anyone
I don’t wanna know