I went for a run in Mountain View the other day. That little city is ADORABLE. It’s covered in plants and flowers, and all of the houses have charm and character, even the cookie cutter subdivision houses. Or maybe all the growing things give them charm and character. There’s a great farmer’s market (and OH MY WOW, I TOTALLY should have bought WAAAAY more strawberries and cherries and peaches than I did because I SWEAR TO GOD, the farmer’s market produce is the best stuff I have ever put in my mouth EVER (maybe not ever ever)), and I found a little park during my run. It had a patch of grass, picnic benches, a jungle gym and a swing set. I may have paused during my run to swing. That totally counts as exercise, right?

While I was paused, I had the thought that THAT was the kind of place in which I want to raise my kids. Someplace beautiful and green with a great community and lots of stuff to do.

You know what’s weird? Whole milk. I don’t think I’ve ever had it before a couple of days ago, and … it’s weird. I’ve spent years drinking non fat milk, which is like the Keystone Light of milk. Not that it’s kind of disgusting or that it’s the only beverage you’ll find at a frat party, but in the way that there’s really not much going on besides a little color and a slight beer-y (milky) taste, so it really doesn’t taste much different than water. After only experiencing that, jumping to a Quality Beer or whole milk is a little jarring.

Going to my church small group always reminds me that I need to make the effort to do that more regularly. Now that school’s paused, I have NO EXCUSE not to go. I love those ladies SO MUCH, and they refresh my spirit. They help me regain the peace and joy that comes from Christ, and they remind me that I am blessed and loved and a daughter of God. And right now, I’ve got a lot in my life riding on Faith that I need those reminders, I need to get connected spiritually with God and great people who are going to uplift and encourage and believe with me in God’s plan for my life and an outpouring of blessings and favor. I’m SO blessed right now, but I know God’s got even bigger and better things in store. So, barring some extreme circumstance, I’m going to every Connect group and making an effort to get to church sometime on Sundays, maybe in the morning while the feller sleeps.

What the hell? I’ve gotten a bunch of Facebook friend requests the past few days from people I know and who have been on FB for awhile. What’s making them all think “You know who I need to friend? AMY.” Weird.