The feller’s on this forum, and in the GRR Martin thread, they were all bitching about him never finishing the series and … something about lemon cake and how he talks about it a lot? I don’t know. Somehow that led to a mod challenge to make FROM SCRATCH a “feast fit for a king”, and the next thing I know the feller is planning his feast for that night. I, being a good girlfriend, volunteered to come reap the benefits assist. And OH MY GOD SO GOOD IN MAH MOUTH.

He made roast lamb with potatoes and carrots and salami, a salad with tomato, basil and mozzarella (and all of a sudden I’m missing No Anchovies pizza OM NOM NOM), and the most amazing lemon cake I’ve ever had EVER. And I don’t really like lemon pastries. I will eat any lemon flavored candy you hand me, but lemon cake? Not so much. This cake was THAT GOOD. I have DREAMT about that cake. AND! He made his own lemony icing, which was actually totally easy, but I probably would have bought some (but I also would have bought a box cake mix too)

Roast Lamb

Tomato, Basil Mozzarella

Lemon Cake

Trying the salad

(I’ve just woken up in that picture, and I might be trying to cover the GIANT hickey I had (both of my bosses commented on it the next morning). Every time that happens I WANT to get righteously indignant and huffy, but before I can even form the words in my mouth to bitch about it, I remember whose idea the biting actually is *ahem*, and I go back to being glad I’m dating someone who cares about what I like.)