I have a certified letter from Pitt waiting for me at the post office. I’m considering letting it sit there until they just mail it back because ain’t nothing in that letter that’s good news. Also, it wouldn’t be anything I don’t already know.

I was so overwhelmed at the end of the semester, and pretty much every semester since I started this endeavor in 2008, that I said FUCK IT. I didn’t finish, even though I SHOULD have. I also decided that I needed to take some time off. The online classes were not working for me and HADN’T been since the beginning. Every semester was a struggle, every semester marked by tears and frustration and falling behind, and it just came to the point where I couldn’t do it anymore. I work long hours and never wanted to do MORE WORK when I got home in the evenings. I was tired of having to choose between doing school work and … anything else: sleep, exercise, cleaning, cooking, hanging out with my boyfriend, going to church, going to the store, doing ANYTHING fun.

The problem is that every school delay makes my dream job that much farther away, but I think it’ll be better this way.

The plan is to apply to San Jose State and finish my degree there. It’s a longer program, but it has a lot of similar classes to the ones I was going to take at Pitt, and the extra requirements are kind of nice; I felt like I didn’t have enough time to take everything I wanted at Pitt. Hopefully, I’ll be able to transfer at least some of the classes I’ve passed so I won’t have to start COMPLETELY from scratch.

I was REALLY hoping to be able to attend on campus classes, but the SJSU program is all online, though I did meet a guy who said the online classes still have a set meeting time for which you need to be online, which is almost as good. My work schedule will have to adjust, and I think that’ll go a LONG way to helping my sanity.

For now, I’m loving not being in class or having to worry about homework.