In the past few weeks, I’ve bought some little plants, and I’m working hard at cultivating my little garden!




Strawberry plants

I’m going to start growing cucumber, eggplant and edemame, which YUM. I could pretty much happily live off cucumbers and edamame, so I was pretty excited to see the little plants for cheap. I just replanted the cucumber and eggplant in those pots you see, and the feller gave me a big plastic bin for the edamame. I can’t wait for them to really start growing! I also have a couple of strawberry plants that I’m pretty stoked about.

I also bought a really lovely little Calla Lily this weekend.

Calla Lily

The feller’s apartment complex has a really beautiful big white lily that I’ve coveted since I first saw it, so when I saw these little plants at the store this weekend, I couldn’t say no. I’m gonna keep her at work with the other lonely plant we have there, otherwise I’d never get to enjoy her.

I really REALLY want an aloe vera plant, but I don’t really want to pay for one, so I was going to try to poach a baby off this big stand down the street from my apartment:

Aloe Vera

Then I got out of my car and realized that this pretty much the biggest group of aloe plants I’ve ever seen and there were NO BABIES to be had.

Also, I want to show off how big Butch the blackberry bush is getting:

Butch the Blackberry Bush

When I first got him, he was just that little stick in the middle of all those leaves. I’m such a proud mama.

And that right there is how I like to garden; stick ’em in some dirt and hope they do their thing. This is probably why it’s a good thing I didn’t have plants in Arizona. Nothing just GROWS there; it’s a lot of work to get shit to grow out there, but here, it’s EASY. And I feel so accomplished even though I’m not actually doing anything! It’s awesome! I am worried about Sookie, but I have seen a giant patch of the same plant in Mountain View, so I know she’ll do okay once she gets a good foothold.

I’m looking forward to someday having a home and a yard of my own, so I can just plant stuff in the dirt to my heart’s content. I have lovely dirt here, but I know that I’m not here forever, and I’m already going to have to uproot my blackberry bush when I move, and I don’t want to do that to any more plants than necessary. For now, I’m happy with the little garden I’ve got going, which now includes two planters full of flowers, which have started to sprout.

My little garden