I’m going to Hawaii in three months, and my biggest concern, besides trying to make my wobbly bits less wobbly, is money. This is pretty much going to be the most major vacation I’ve ever been on; my family didn’t take a vacation that didn’t include pitching a tent and not showering for a week until I was in high school, and in college, I spent so much time working hard for the money that vacations were practically out of the question. Most of the major trips I have been on were school related, not that I’m knocking that! I had a GREAT time in NY, DC and Italy on those school trips. This trip is a Big Fucking Deal for me, is what I’m saying. (Not that I’m going to go all Crazy and have really high expectations or devolve into a crying mess when things don’t go as planned or anything; I’m just REALLY EXCITED like a hyper puppy with a new toy, like Sirius in that one Shoebox Project (the relevant part starts pg 27) where the Marauders are thinking like their animal selves (and I TOTALLY just outed myself as a COMPLETE nerd), so DON’T WORRY.)

And I’ve become kind of obsessed with finding ways to save money. Like if I work three more hours a week, I earn an additional $60 before taxes. Or getting cash for the farmer’s market from my bank instead of the convenience store ATM saves me $4 a week. Or getting 1 DVD from Netflix instead of two saves me $6 a month. And while all those little things are great, more of a dent would be better. Like, I want to be one of those people who never spends money on toiletries. I’ve been reading Get Rich Slowly recently, and he has a ton of great information and resources and get posts and stuff, like this lady who lived on $12,000.00 a year (this article has A TON of interesting links). And I have a list of other blogs and posts to read, like Frugal Babe, The Krazy Coupon Lady and Common Sense with Money. I’m gonna start buying the Sunday paper for the coupons and paying more attention to mailers because if I can put a little bit of work into it and save some money, it’s totally worth it.

Additionally, I’ll be doing a STUFF purge. I’m gonna try to sell the books I will never read (bye bye The Two Towers and 1984) because even $5 for a stack of books helps; that’s a cheap lunch. I wish I knew of a place to sell used clothes close by (and also, that I had nice enough clothes to be worth selling) because I have SO MANY shirts and pants and skirts and STUFF that I don’t wear!

Also, I need to put that $35 currently living in my sock drawer in the bank.