I had what I am SURE was an awesome blog post all composed in my head last night after I had crawled into bed, and it was WAAAAY too much effort to grab my phone and jot it down, but I felt confident in my remembering skillz. So, naturally, this morning I couldn’t remember ANYTHING but the first sentence, which did not give me any indication of where I was actually planning on going with the post. Thankfully, my memory was jogged, but I did learn a very valuable lesson. Write it down, dammit.

I have mentioned before that I have a hard time verbalizing a review beyond IT WAS AWESOME and I REALLY LIKED IT, which doesn’t keep me from trying because I REALLY liked it! And it was AWESOME!

So several months ago, Unshelved delivered this comic to my inbox about China Mieville’s The City & the City, and I was intrigued, so I stuck the book on my Goodreads to read list, which is kind of a pit of despair, really. I always forget to consult my list before going to the library/bookstore, and I end up reading stuff not on the list, and I keep ADDING stuff to the list and so … It’s bad, is what I’m saying. I forget books are there. And then! Someone on the forum in which I participate pointed out that this book had been winning lots of awards! And I thought, “That book sounds AWESOME. Imma read it.” And then I realized that I ALREADY wanted to read it, so it was like I DOUBLY wanted to read it, and off to the library I went!

And you know what? It WAS awesome! And I DID really like it! Apparently, China Mieville usually writes stuff that is more sci-fi-y and moster-y? I don’t know. I only rarely read Adult Books. But this was only sort of sci-fi-y and not monster-y at all. It’s a nice murder mystery in a setting that makes my brain hurt a little when I think about it too much (do both cities occupy the ACTUAL same space? Or are they in different pockets in the time-space continuum or some shit? Is one on the astral plane?? I DON’T KNOW). I practically forced the feller to read it after me and would have resorted to Read Aloud Story Hour if he hadn’t picked it up on his own (except not really because I don’t want to be the annoying naggy girlfriend) because it is THAT GOOD, and I need someone else to read it so I can share the experience. Because it’s SO GOOD.

Anyways, YOU should read it now too! And then come tell me about how you really liked it too! Or didn’t and then we can agree to disagree, and I might secretly judge you for not having very good taste.