So I decided to become one of those people who spends as little money as possible at Walgreens through the use of coupons, and let me tell you, it is kind of exhilarating. Since I’m so new, the planning stage is kind of stressful, but once I get to the store and walk away with buttloads of stuff for ridiculously cheap, it’s AWESOME, and the planning stage isn’t even THAT bad. It’s totally an adventure trying to figure out how to get the best stuff as cheap as possible.

For example, yesterday I spend a total of $35 and got 3 toothbrushes, 1 tube of toothpaste, 3 conditioners, 1 body wash, 3 bars of soap, 2 really nice razors, 2 packs of nice disposable razors, 2 cans of shaving cream, eye drops, a birthday card, wet wipes, 2 deodorants, and … I think that’s it. But it’s a lot! A lot of stuff that I use regularly! Not necessarily brands I normally use, but I’m not that picky. There are very few things that I’m super adamant about needing ONE! SPECIFIC! BRAND! And being able to get all that stuff for so cheap just makes using it that much nicer. I’m pretty sure things smell/taste/work better when you can get them on super discount.

I also got a beater and brand new tags still on bathing suit for super cheap at Goodwill yesterday. A bathing suit that actually COVERS MY BOOBS, OMG. Which is practically unheard of! It’s amazing! And $7! I think it fits so good because it’s normally a $40 bathing suit. See? Shit is better cheap.

Yesterday was a good shopping day.