It seems I always have a nostalgic post all geared up for when I get back from a trip to Tucson. Just being in that place with all those memories and all those people I love is such a positive experience that even some bullshit drama can’t derail the joy I have being home. And even though it was hot this weekend, so hot that a party at midnight left me with sweat dripping down my sides, I am a child of that heat, and I will never not enjoy the sun on my face and shoulders.

This weekend was all I could have hoped for, and even though it was hard to leave, as always, it didn’t break my heart to say goodbye to my bestest at the airport like it did the last time. We got some amazing quality time together, and some amazing memories were created. And while I wouldn’t trade laughing until I was crying while playing Things (I just do not understand why my friends expected me to have come up with all the dirty responses), or wondering why dudes were getting nekkid at the Meet Rack (as far as I could tell the answer was “Why not?”) or dishing about our relationships with my girlfriends, I was ready to come back to my new home and wake up next to my feller.

I think this is like growth or progress or some shit.