So, Nicole bought herself a ball pit and posted a video of her swimming in it, giggling with the abandon of a small child, which got me to thinking about what in my life makes me that deliriously happy. And I’m sad to admit that it took me awhile to think of something. I ran through various ideas revolving mostly around retail therapy: new shoes, new clothes, new makeup, a new bag, new books, but I really have no money to frivolously spend right now and would only end up feeling guilty about my purchases (even though I TOTES need (“need”) a new bag and maybe a couple of dresses and probably a couple of books for Hawaii). Then I thought maybe my scuba class this weekend would be something that makes me sing with joy, but I don’t know, and I don’t want to count on it (not that I don’t think it’ll be TOTALLY awesome and super fun and I really can’t wait!). So I thought and thought about what I’m doing whenever I feel free and easy and happy, and I realized: DANCING.

And look, I am NOT A Dancer, but I LOVE to dance. I can’t help it; I have a compulsion to move when I’m listening to music. And I love the feeling of being in a crowded club full of people who just wanna get their groove on too, of being with my girls and dancing like a loon and not caring what I look like and being hot and sweaty and feeling the ache in my knees and the pinch from my shoes and letting it all go to just enjoy the music and the feeling of movement.

And now I’m regretting not going to a club when I was in Tucson this past weekend, even though I wasn’t in a club mood then. I am now! But the likelihood of a club being in my future is VERY TINY. The feller doesn’t dance and doesn’t like crowded bars, which is understandable; I don’t particularly love crowded bars either and most clubs I’ve been to recently have reeked of Douchebag, and I’ve realized, I am just a dive bar kind of girl. Which is okay. But even if I wanted to brave a club and their RIDICULOUS cover charges, I’m just not sure I can randomly call up or facebook or tweet at any of the people I’ve met here to go dancing. Not that I even have time to go out dancing!

So, living room dance party with myself and Shakira it is. I’ll count it toward one of my workouts this week.