My feller does this thing where he will only watch movies and buy video games if they have a certain high rating, which kind of drives me crazy because SOMETIMES, I just want to watch the Omega Man even though it’s only got three stars! Sometimes, I just need trashy entertainment, but the feller believes in Ratings. And so, when he started subscribing to Netflix, he began rating everything he watched or had ever watched because Netflix has an algorithm something something contest something increased by 10% something blah blah RATE YOUR MOVIES. I’m more of a … not ratings person, so I never bothered to rate any of my movies on Netflix because I just don’t see the point, even after he tried to tell me about the algorithm and how it can help me find movies the way it has helped him. But EH. My queue is already ridiculously long. I don’t really need help finding things to watch.

Until the day I finished the instant view Bones and had to wait for a disc in the mail but had nothing else I was terribly interested in watching in the meantime. I decided to let Netflix find something for me to watch, and I began rating things. And one night, we were sitting on the couch watching TV and playing video games (him) and tooling around on the internet (me), when he happened to notice that I rated Bones quite highly. He looked at me and told me that me rating a TV series on Netflix was the sweetest thing he had ever seen. I’m still not sure what the big deal was, but he was charmed, and I’m glad for that.

Similarly, when I played this super fun run around and kill things while looking adorable game with him last night, he let me know that he was really happy I was having fun playing a video game with him.

I adore that these tiny actions of mine that seem so inconsequential make him so happy, that he is charmed when I make his bed, grateful when I stop by the grocery store for dinner and excited when I bake cookies. And his reaction makes me want to keep finding little things I can do to surprise him.