Look, I was trying to write out an actual honest to God review here, and I just sounded like a jackass. I’ve written once before about the Hunger Games, but didn’t really convey how much I ADORE this series. The first two books are probably my favorite books that I’ve read this year, and they’re both so genuine and heartbreaking. As a reader, the stakes are very real; you know that your favorite character can EASILY be killed. They’re suspenseful and engaging and wonderfully written, and I had been waiting for the conclusion for six months, which I know is nothing for the people who had picked up Hunger Games when it was first released.

And WOW. What a conclusion. (SPOILERS) Katniss kicks the Capitol’s ass and ends up with the man you think she will; how could she not? No one would ever understand her the way Peeta does, no one could ever take care of her the way he does. And if, when you say she chose him because she had no other options, you mean she would never have been able to relate to another man or fall in love with someone else, then I will agree that she had no other options. But to say that she doesn’t really love him is doing her a disservice. She loved Peeta and had since the first Games with him, though it took her awhile to be able to acknowledge it. And her chance to be happy with Gale ended probably as early as when she volunteered to take her sister’s place in the Games, but was definitely buried for good when he chose war and hate and weapons and death. The fact that he probably engineered the weapon that killed her sister (PRRRRRIIIIIMMMMMM!!!!) was just the last shovelful of dirt on the grave of their “romance”.

And fucking Prim. She was the ONE CHARACTER, the ONLY one, I NEVER worried about. If you had asked me who I thought was safe in these books, she would have been at the top of my list. Protecting her is the reason Katniss got involved in this mess to begin with, but she is brutally murdered anyways. I cried for the rest of the book and felt really down about it the entire day after I finished. It was 230 am when I closed Mockingjay, and I thought about driving the half hour to my feller’s just so I wouldn’t have to sleep alone after reading about her senseless death.

And look, this book is probably the weakest of the three, and it certainly starts out slow and perhaps a little boring just because I was waiting for the ACTION to start, but I think Suzanne Collins wrote the best ending for this series possible.