So I’m in Hawaii, which is awesome, and I’m typing this on my phone which is less awesome, but thank God for the Droid keyboard, and I’ve been thinking about scuba diving a lot, mostly while underwater with nothing better to do, and it seems to me that diving is kind of a crazy thing and crazy cool.  Because I realized the other day that people are often all “yeah, diving.  It’s cool.  Swimming with fishes,” like it ain’t no thang, except what they don’t really tell you is HOLY SHIT, SWIMMING WITH FISHES.  LOOK AT ALL THE FISH!!  (You know what’s a bad idea to do while diving, ESPECIALLY when it’s dark?  Look out into the vasty ocean and think about how big it is and how many critters are out there that you can’t see and that can swim faster than you and eat you.  That is not a smart thing to do.  Just focus on what’s in front of you.)

My feller’s been getting some AMAZING pictures, and I cannot WAIT to see today’s after visiting an awesome reef with probably thousands of fishes, and I’m looking forward to sharing some of those with y’all when I’m back on a real computer.  I’ve been posting quick updates mostly at Twitter, though I must warn you that my Twitter stream is sometimes less than family friendly.

Diving is totally magical and surreal to be essentially spying of fish and turtles and spotted eagle rays and sharks and shit in their home. We’ve done a ton of different, cool diving at night, during the day, off boats, from shore, on scooters, seeing wrecks and reefs and SO MANY FISH.  The feller has actually had requests from people for pictures of the land, we’ve been doing so much diving, which was the main point of this trip, but we are going to get some land stuff in before we go, and there’s so much to do and so much we want to do, we’re gonna be busy, busy bees for the rest of our week here.  We’re having a great time.