So I am going through a bit of the usual periodic work angst, which was brought on by an amazing two week break from work and stress and pms and dreading getting back to the regular grind of everything. And last night was better than today because, naturally, it wasn’t as bad as I had convinced myself it was. But that didn’t stop me from staying up all night reading wanted ads on Craigslist because this … just isn’t what I want to do.

And I KNOW everyone hates their jobs, and that I can’t expect to be satisfied all the time with what I do, but I’d like to be satisfied SOME of the time. And I don’t know if anything is going to pan out or if I want anything to pan out or if anything’s SUPPOSED to pan out, but I want to sort of stay more on top of keeping an eye on job postings that might be Relevant to my Interests. Because maybe, just maybe, if I’m doing something Relevant to my Interests, school will be a little easier, more … real maybe? More better. We’ll see. I’ve got almost a year before classes would start, if I even get in, and they just opened applications for next Fall, and I need to get on that.

And I’ve got Hawaii posts and pictures coming, but I need to snag my feller’s memory card because I didn’t pull my camera out once during our trip. My sad, lonely camera lived in the safe the entire time, so I have no pictures to share that haven’t already been posted to Twitter. So, you know, eventually.