Yesterday was the one year anniversary of coming to the Bay. All my stuff didn’t move out here until the 24th, but yesterday was my first day in the office and marks the beginning of an interesting year for me. That first week, I had a cold and missed four flights trying to get to and from Pittsburgh, and then there was frantic apartment hunting and working long hours trying to clean up the mess my predecessor left. And after the official move, and the shininess of a new home started wearing off, the months of loneliness started. A good couple of months of sitting on my couch, drinking alone, and missing my home and life and friends so bad that I didn’t know how I was going to get through it.

And then came the day when I decided to stop wallowing. I started this blog to force myself to get out and do fun things, and you know? It’s worked out well for me, all things considered.

I still don’t know how I actually FEEL about the Bay Area, and I still would LOVE to be back home, but I don’t sit alone and cry for home anymore. I’m happy with the life I’ve built here and the relationships I’ve made. I’d love to have more friends of my very own to hang out with, but … things is good. I really can’t complain too much.