I am FASCINATED by this whole Marie Claire debacle. I won’t link to the blog post written by a formerly anorexic woman who says that fat people gross her out. She also gives some helpful advice for those who need to lose weight: exercise! Eat right! Listen, honey, there ain’t a fat person in the world who doesn’t ALREADY KNOW THAT. Her tone is so smug and degrading and the entire post is disgusting.

But there have been some terrific responses to this post, and I CAN’T GET ENOUGH. I will pretty much read any response to this that you link me to, and I just wanted to be able to point y’all towards some of my favorites:

Jezebel has a big collection of responses (that I haven’t read because I don’t have time)

I LOVED Cleolinda’s post about it (but I love pretty much everything she writes), and she links to Fatshionista which is probably the best response I’ve read.

Medical Marzipan has a good response, and I really liked all the responses SHE linked to.

I also tweeted some other responses that aren’t particularly well reasoned, but they definitely hit the nail on the head, on a visceral level. These were the first four posts I saw after reading the article, and they express all the outrage and disgust I felt.

It’s hard enough being overweight in a society that idolizes a “perfect” figure that doesn’t actually exist, without women who have an especially skewed body perception telling fat people that they are disgusting and should just DO something about it already! It just blows my mind a little that someone would think it is acceptable to write something so hateful and bigoted. I … I’ve been thinking about this post for a few days now, and I still don’t have the words to fully express what I feel, so go read some of those links up there. They say what I want to better than I ever could.