My motivation has been lacking recently, in many different areas of my life, which is why I still have a couple of Hawaii posts planned a month after we got home, though I will admit, writing about the vacation, helps keep it present in my mind, like something that actually happened and not the dream it feels like most days.

One Sunday morning, my feller and I were up early for some diving in Maui, and we passed a church already holding services, and I felt a pang that I wouldn’t be in church that day. And I decided to spend some time in worship while under the water. Appropriately enough, that was the first day we dove off Lana’i, and we got to visit the First Cathedral.

First Cathedral

On the boat ride to the island, a huge pod of dolphins swam alongside us. We stopped the boat and enjoyed them for maybe half an hour. It was amazing. There were so many dolphins surfacing and swimming, completely surrounding the boat, and there were many adorable little babies. One little guy kept FLINGING himself out of the water and flipping around in sheer joy for being alive. It was amazing, and I wish I could show you all how awesomely cool it was, but the dolphins were too fast; we got no pictures. It was one of those times when you look at the world around you and marvel at God’s creation, and I wanted to be jumping for joy with that baby dolphin.

The Cathedral was magical, and looking at the pictures of it now, it reminds me of Aerial’s grotto in the Little Mermaid. It was beautiful and totally worth the boat ride out to Lana’i. The next day, we were back out there for the Second Cathedral, whose big attraction is a huge growth of albino black coral that looks like a chandelier. Also, it’s much larger than the First Cathedral, so there more arches and tunnels to explore. It was epically cool.

Albino Black Coral Chandelier