AAHH. This move is TAKING OVER MY LIFE. No joke, It is ALL I CAN THINK ABOUT: packing, meeting the gas man to get the gas turned on, meeting the cable guy to get the internet sorted, meeting the landlord to sign the contract and get the keys, going down to pay the deposit and get the water in my name, finding a washer and dryer and meeting the guy to get the set delivered and installed. Oh and I need to call him to see if he takes credit, otherwise, I’m going to have to scrounge up some cash for that. Oh, and I need to get some cash transferred from my ING account to help pay for the Home Depot dudes we’re gonna hire to move our shit. And if I don’t hear from the Uhaul guy by tomorrow, I need to call HIM to make sure we’re REALLY FOR REALS ready to go Saturday morning.

I PROMISE that I won’t be talking about this forever, so please just bear with me the next couple of days.

Right now, it’s like my life is divided into BEFORE the move and AFTER the move. And after the move is like this MAGICAL time when ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE, and somehow I think I’ll be more inclined to do all the shit I don’t do now THEN. For instance after the move I will:
-start going to church regularly (even though church will now be EVEN FARTHER AWAY)
-start cooking more often
-start eating really healthily
-start exercising
-start a regular yoga practice
-pay off all my debts
-be more available to my pets and my plants (I haven’t actually SEEN any of my plants in about a week. I hope they aren’t dead.)
-have friends over more often
-have time to connect with the feller more (nevermind that we already spend 99% of our free time together; I told him I was looking forward to spending more time with him AFTER THE MOVE, which would be the hour and a half it usually takes me to drive to my apartment after work, pick up some clothes, feed the cats and drive to his place)
-manage my time better
-do all my homework in a timely manner (once I get back into school … next fall)
-buy a unicorn and shoot rainbows out my butt.

Something about this move just makes EVERYTHING seem possible, like I will be imbued with new habits and SOMEHOW not be the same girl I am right now, who still has to pack about half of her shit. But! AFTER THE MOVE! I will NO LONGER be Miss Procrastinator Putting It Off Pants, and you know, that’s definitely an ideal I would like to strive for, but I’m realistic enough to know that, really? I’m gonna end up like this. It’s gonna be six months before we unpack the very last box and have everything set up the way we like it. But today? AFTER THE MOVE, I’ll be a new getting shit done woman!