The discard pile

Newly emptied panty drawer

Them’s my panties. I’m kind of fascinated by the amount of underwear I purged and the amount I have left over. I think I have a panty problem. Is it totally weird and overshare-y that I’m posting these pictures? TOOOOOO BAD!

I, APPARENTLY, GROSSLY underestimated the amount of underwear I owned. Because I threw away over half my panties, and I still have a two month supply of clean panties, which includes at least a week’s worth of black cotton Victoria’s Secret thongs. I don’t wear thongs that often! Clearly, this is a RIDICULOUS amount of underwear, but they’re all really nice pairs and comfy, and I like them! I just couldn’t bring myself to throw away perfectly good panties that fit and are cute and comfy.

Nor was I able to get rid of my size 10 Gap jeans which I have only worn MAYBE three times, but I LUFF them (though I did toss the size 10 long length jeans that still had the tags on). I also kept my Lynyrd Skynyrd “Support Southern Rock” t-shirt that’s a little bit too tight because I love it also. I was pretty ruthless otherwise. I ignored pleas for pardon from my brown corduroy fedora and the REALLY cute dress I wore to a friend’s birthday (which now, unfortunately, gives me MEGA porno boob), and I have three FULL trash bags of Goodwill stuff in the back of my car. I’m quite pleased with myself, and now that The Purge is over, I’m feeling much more confident about the rest of my packing.

I should DEFINITELY be able to get my bedroom and assorted last minute stuff put in boxes this evening and get all my clothes in the back of my car for transport to the house tomorrow and …

…AAAAHHHH I’M SORRY, I’VE TURNED INTO ONE OF THOSE BORING PEOPLE WHO ONLY TALK ABOUT STUFF YOU COULDN’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT. Seriously, SERIOUSLY, I promise it won’t last forever. I just can’t find the words to talk about ANYTHING ELSE. I’d really like to tell you about That Time I Played Laser Tag (SPOILER ALERT: not my Thing. Not even close), but every time I try to start telling that story all that comes out is “packing, moving, stress, new house, blahblahblah”.

I am really looking forward to being in my house and not thinking about moving anymore. I’d much rather be thinking about MAH BIRTHDAY. And Christmas! And presents! And Booze! Especially booze. And my birthday.