SO. I am planning on writing about the move and how smoothly it went and how much we LOVE our house, and I want to take pictures, but that’s going to have to wait until the weekend because it’s always dark when I get home, so outdoors pictures would be pretty pointless.

I might also write about MAH BIRTHDAY and how great that was and how mah feller really rose to the occasion and went above and so far beyond what I ever would have hoped for (though he has set the bar QUITE high for future birthdays).

But right now I have a much more pressing issue. My company holiday party is in a week and a half, and in an effort to save money, I asked my mom to send me some of my formal dresses from high school because they’re purty, and I would like to get more wear out of them. And OBVIOUSLY I realized that I’m not exactly the same size I was in high school, the later years of which were some of the skinniest of my life, but my body is still similarly sized, so it should be fine, and I’d have a couple of weeks to drop a couple of pounds to get the fit right. And this happened to coincide with Weight Watchers unveiling their ALL! NEW! AND IMPROVED! PROGRAM! so I figured now was a good time to join on up (especially since they now have a $40 monthly pass for meetings (which are usually $13 each, plus a registration fee) and e-tools).

And the dresses arrived, and my mom warned me that my sister could barely zip them up, and she, damn her, is just SLIGHTLY smaller than me. She does NOT have the Phipps childbearing Hips that I have. So I was prepared but hopeful. And you know? One of the dresses I definitely could not zip up, but the other? The one I really wanted to wear? The slinky hot one? It fit! Nevermind that I couldn’t ACTUALLY breath in it and could BARELY get the thing turned around properly after I had to zip it on backwards since I was home alone at the time. It fit! And after (at the time) two weeks of eating really healthily and exercising and shit, I’m SURE to have dropped just enough weight to make that shit work.

And so off to my first Weight Watchers meeting in three years I went! AND THEN. They weighed me. And I saw that number on the scale, and I just about DIED. It was the highest it’s ever been in my LIFE. (Though technically perhaps not EVER ever; before I lost all my baby fat in high school, I was SERIOUSLY chubby, and while I don’t know how much I weighed then, I was DEFINITELY wearing larger sized clothing than I am now.) And all of a sudden the 30 or so pounds I was hoping to be able to shed turned into 40 or 50 and OH MY GOD. I’M NEVER EATING ICE CREAM AGAIN.

And all that talk about loving my body and being happy at the weight I am just went RIGHT OUT the window because the weight I ACTUALLY am is AT LEAST 12 pounds more than the weight at which I THOUGHT I was, and I am NOT happy with being 12 pounds more than I thought I was. And SERIOUSLY, it’s like I turned 26 and ALL OF A SUDDEN (though possibly I just haven’t been paying attention) my body isn’t keeping itself at the weight it’s always defaulted to, and I started noticing that my body looks differently. My boobs are straining against the bras I’m wearing, and HOLY CRAP that picture of me standing up over the weekend? WOW. BAD NEWS BEARS.

So I’m all motivated and shit to get this weight off. Weight Watchers has changed their program so ALL fruits (even bananas!! they keep telling me) are free, which is why I was always previously against their points program, and I’ve been tracking all my foods, even the night of the party we had when I had TWO slices of AMAZING birthday cake (what?! It was MAH BIRTHDAY!) and LOTS OF BOOZE, and you know, I’m kind of surprised at how EASY the tracking is and how it really does help to keep me aware of what I’m eating and how much, and I’m glad I don’t totally hate it. Tomorrow night is my first weigh in, and I’m looking forward to seeing the result of my effort this week.