People have been asking for picture’s of the house, and I WANT to take pictures! I really do! But I think I’m giving up on ever taking them. I’m never home during the day and weekends are usually so jam packed that I don’t have the time or spare thought to whip out my camera for documentation. And I’ve been so busy/stressed/tired/sick in the evenings that all I want to do is curl up in bed with some How I Met Your Mother.

At any rate, the house is AMAZING. I mean, it’s not perfect; I wish the driveway were wide enough for two cars to park side by side. I wish the insulation were a bit better so it would stay warm all over the house. I wish we had a garbage disposal. But really? Except for those few small things? The house is wonderful. It’s huge and old and charming (but not in the way that in housing ads “charming” means small or kind of shitty or “oh yeah, you totally have to stand on one foot and cross your eyes and do a little dance to get any of the appliances to work”), I mean, it quite literally charms me. It’s got all those built in bookshelves that I love and enough space for all of our stuff without feeling cramped and the biggest bathtub I have ever had the pleasure of taking a bath in. I can stretch out in that thing and barely touch the other end and it’s so deep and wonderful and, yeah, I think Imma need to take a bath tonight.

And living with the feller? Well, it’s ALSO amazing. We seriously enjoy all the time we spend together and even though neither of us has ever lived with a significant other before, we’re settling in together and getting the hang of cohabitation. And despite me acting like a crazy ass bitch a few times, he still likes me enough to want to hang around for awhile, which is fantastic. Because I kinda dig him too. He even likes my cats most of the time.

We’re getting into the rhythm of him cooking and me cleaning and eating dinner at the dining room table together and chilling on the couch with some TV on (I got him watching Dollhouse, which is something I was hoping to do, though I admittedly skipped the shitty first four episodes and just started with the unaired pilot and went from there) and snuggling in bed before I fall asleep. Seriously. We cuddle in bed EVERY NIGHT before I fall asleep, and he gets MAD at me if I don’t call him in for snuggles. He’s taken to calling our bedtime routine “Mandatory Relationship Cuddles,” and it’s a lovely way for us both to unwind and enjoy each other. We’re kind of disgusting (I mean, we unironically use the word “snuggles”) but in a really wonderful way, and I look forward to getting tucked into bed by him for years to come.

So the living? It is good. And in a time that is not very far from now, we will be on vacation in Arizona and hanging with my family and my friends and doing fun things like eating No Anchovies and just chillaxing and not thinking about work, because that’s what I want. To not think about work for awhile.