I’m a worrier, always have been. I remember being in first grade and worrying so much I gave myself stomachaches. What a 7 year old has to worry about it, I have NO IDEA, but there we have it. Worrier.

Like the time the feller was going for an hour long massage 10 minutes away from his apartment. I came over, took a nap, woke up about an hour after he left and waited for him to get back. And waited. And waited. And 45 minutes went by. I tried calling him and no answer. Another half hour went by and still no answer, and I was trying to talk myself into not worrying. “Surely he stopped at the store to pick up dinner or … something. And OF COURSE his phone is off because his phone is NEVER on, and he’s FIIIIINE.” After another fifteen or so minutes, I was *this* close to calling hospitals because what if he had been in an accident? What if something happened? NO ONE WOULD KNOW TO CALL ME. I’d be sitting up all night waiting for him to come home and have NO IDEA where he was. I’d find out when his parents showed up or if some kind hearted intern or nurse or someone got on his phone and texted everyone in his contacts list or posted something on his Facebook page or someone came by his house to … I DON’T KNOW. I DON’T KNOW HOW IT WORKS. We’re not even in a relationship on Facebook! NO ONE WOULD KNOW TO CALL ME.. BRB, gonna go make sure we’re each other’s emergency contacts for everything. Around the time that I was FREEE-HEEEEE-HEEEEEAKING out, he walked in the door and was like “Oh yeah, she gave me an extra half hour for free, it was awesome. No big deal.”

So yeah, worrier.

So imagine my reaction when I applied for grad school here and my application remained in “incomplete” status for about a month and a half. Visions of my REALLY REALLY *REALLY* bad Pitt transcript coming back and biting me in the ass. The requirements here only ask for a minimum undergrad GPA of 3.0, which I have, but my 1.2 GPA from Pitt can’t look good! And PANIC PANIC PANIC.

And imagine my relief when I checked my application status online last week and saw that I was accepted. I am looking forward to this.