(Hey so I should probably mention that Imma be talking all about my period and tampons and shit, so any of the men out there might want to skip this. Just FYI.)

So I have been a Diva Cup user since May 2007. An online friend talked about using one, and my interest was piqued. It DID seem a bit unnatural to spend a week each month with a wad of cotton shoved up my girly bits, NOT TO MENTION the TSS risks because FUCK if I can remember to change that shit regularly, and next thing I know I’m either leaving tampons in for 12 hours of the fucking thing is leaking EVERYWHERE. Also, I NEVER remembered to put tampons in my bag when my period was about to start, so EVERY SINGLE MONTH I had to run to the U-Mart on campus and pay $5 for 3 tampons. EVERY MONTH. So when someone told me there was a thing you could use instead of tampons and leave it in FOREVER (practically) and not worry about dying or leaking? SIGN ME UP. Also, it’s reusable? So I don’t have to spend money I don’t really have on feminine products? AWESOME.

I was thinking about it the other day, and if I only spent $5 a month on pads and tampons, which is RIDICULOUS; I ABSOLUTELY spent more than that a month, since 2007 I would have spent $210 on that shit. Since I started using the Diva Cup, know how much I’ve spent on feminine hygiene products? About $80. And looking at those numbers makes me feel better about spending $40 on a Diva Cup in Tucson even though I had JUST bought one the month before.

Oh yeah, I had to buy one while we were in Tucson because I’m a dipshit and left the one I already had sitting in the bathroom cupboard in CA. Because I can SERIOUSLY never be adequately prepared for my period, apparently. And yeah, I had to pay $40 for it because I needed it THAT DAY OMG and couldn’t wait for Amazon to ship me one for $20. Awesome. And look, I TRIED, I REALLY did TRY to convince myself to just buy tampons. I even STARED at the hippie unbleached ones are the Sunflower Market and TRIED to make myself by the $9 box, but I just COULDN’T. DO IT. The very THOUGHT of going back to tampons filled me with utter revulsion. The feller asked why I couldn’t just buy some dang tampons already, and I had no reasonable explanation except that my stomach started turning every time tampons were mentioned.

This coming from a woman who uses a cup to catch her menstrual fluids which she then has to empty and wash. Fun times.