Holly Black is one of my favorite authors. She does these really awesome urban fantasy YA novels that are so rich, and I just cannot get enough. In one of the few Pitt classes I passed, we had to create a pamphlet about an author that could potentially be distributed in the YA section of a library. When I saw Holly’s name on the list, I knew that’s who I wanted to profile, and I obsessively refreshed the Blackboard discussion board where we claimed our authors because surely someone else would snatch her first if I didn’t get on there EXACTLY WHEN IT OPENED. And you know, I enjoyed that assignment. It was fun researching her and learning about her hairless cat (which, frankly, I think would give me the willies) and talking about her books and getting to revisit ones I hadn’t read in awhile and reading new ones.

Last year, she put out White Cat, the first in the Curseworkers Trilogy (Zombies vs Unicorns also came out last year, which she co-edited, and Lo, it is AWESOME). I read it not long after it came out, and it took me a bit to really get into the story and the characters but then BAM! I was punched in the face with AWESOME. I think I actually told my former roommate (and frequent book sharer) that I spent the first part of the book saying “EHH, it’s kind of slow and I’m not liking it as much as I expected” but then all of a sudden I was 200 pages in and it was 2 o’clock in the morning on a weeknight. Once I reached that point, I couldn’t put it down. And then the reveal at the end? The AWESOME one that changes everything you thought you knew about the book? Well played, Ms. Black, well played, indeed.

Anyways, the sequel, Red Glove is coming out … soonish? And she’s having a contest on her blog to give away copies of it, which I would really like to win. Because…free book!

(My book budget for the year is pretty much completely gone since all my favorite authors have books coming out in the next few months: this one, Huntress, The Dark and Hollow Places, and The Demon’s Surrender, not to mention all the other amazing books out there I might like to own and cuddle with at night.)